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SUPRA-TONE Modular Template 


This template is based on our Modular template design.  


The neck, pickup and tremolo template can be used to make virtually any pickup combination, in any spacing, you wish.  Don't want a center pickup?  Don't route it.  Want a SSH pickup configuration?  Just move the template and position whatever pickup combination you want, wherever you want it!


This template is made for long life and high precision and is approximately 6" x 14"


This template has centering holes drilled that allows for easy alignment.  Simply mark the holes on your body and draw a line through the middle.


These are produced on high end, US MADE, CNC Routers  (NOT laser cut!).


The tremolo route is for a standard tremolo (although it is easy for you to modify it for different models)


These are produced on high end, US made, CNC machines (NOT laser cut!).


This template is the best design for producing quality bodies because it aligns the neck pocket and pickups perfectly.  We also use a unique "Extended" neck pocket that helps support your router when making this crucial cut.


This is designed to use a standard, bolt on, TL heel neck.


Supra-Tone is a 100% veteran owned company and we ship everyday from St. Paul, MN USA

TL Neck and HSH Template - Modular

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