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SUPRA-TONE Guitar bodies are 100% MADE IN USA!




NECK ROUTE: 5/8” deep. We check every neck pocket to ensure they are 2.190 + - .007", measure YOUR neck carefully before ordering to ensure it will fit.



Basswood is an excellent wood choice for guitar bodies.  Some of the finest factory guitars are made from basswood.  Basswood has a very nice, slightly bright, tone, is very lightweight, and has a closed grain with very few imperfections.  This makes Basswood very easy to finish!  Sanding is extremely easy and goes fast and it takes just about any type of finish very well.  Because it looks rather “plain” we recommend a solid or burst finish.


- This body has no finish. Additional filling, sanding and finishing will be required. You should seal it as soon as possible to avoid splits etc.  This is  a stock picture (but basswood bodies are all very similar in appearance)

- Wiring holes between pickups and control cavity are drilled

- I am sorry but we do not accept offers, trades, etc.


The two biggest issues that arise are "My neck doesn't fit right" and/or "I didn't realize how much work it is to sand and finish". Measure your neck FIRST and be prepared to put the work in to finish the body.


CUSTOM WORK: Please contact us for all your custom work needs.  We can make custom BODIES only. I am sorry we do not offer ANY custom necks or anything other than custom bodies. We do not offer ANY finishing services.


Supra-Tone is a 100% veteran owned company and we ship the same day from St. Paul, MN USA.


ST Guitar Body, Basswood - HARDTAIL

  • BODY WOOD:  Basswood

    WEIGHT:    3 lbs.   15 oz.

  • SUPRA-TONE has a 7 day "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" return policy for in-stock orders. If you wish to return your item for any reason, simply email us for a Return Authorization number, write the RA number you receive on the box, and send it back.

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