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SUPRA-TONE Guitar bodies are 100% MADE IN USA!




NECK ROUTE: 5/8” deep. We check every bass neck pocket to ensure they are 2.500+ - .007", measure YOUR neck carefully before ordering to ensure it will fit.


- The body shown is the exact body you will receive.  No "Bait and Switch" here!

- This body has no finish. Additional filling, sanding and finishing will be required. You should seal it as soon as possible to avoid splits etc.

- Wiring holes between pickups and control cavity are drilled

-  Standard 7/8" input jack hole drilled

- The first picture is the actual body you will receive, the picture of the rear is a stock picture to show the rear contours.

-  This body uses our standard control cavity cover.  If you need one you can find it here:

-  I am sorry but we do not accept offers, trades, etc.


The two biggest issues that arise are "My neck doesn't fit right" and/or "I didn't realize how much work it is to sand and finish". Measure your neck FIRST and be prepared to put the work in to finish the body.


CUSTOM WORK:  Please contact us for all your custom work needs.  Please note the following:


1.  We can make custom BODIES only.  I am sorry we do not offer ANY custom necks or anything other  than custom bodies.  We do not offer ANY finishing services.  Unfinished bodies only.



Supra-Tone is a 100% veteran owned company and we ship the same day from St. Paul, MN USA.

JM Bass body, Ash, #25-114

  • BODY WOOD:  Ash


    WEIGHT:   6   lbs.   12  oz.

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